Thursday, January 29, 2009


Two posts in one week...what???!!!  It's been a long and stressful week - battled the flu and we had a tragedy at school...will be glad when the week comes to an end!

I did find some time to proof Carly's pictures, though!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Senior Pictures

The flu bug was nice enough to pay us a visit this week. I've been home from work, and now Matt thinks he's getting it! No fun at all!

Last week I took some senior pictures - poor Carly about froze, but I really like how they turned out! I haven't had a chance to proof any yet, but here are some of my favorites! Thanks Judy and Carley!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's 2009, and this is my first post?! Where is January going??? I could write a ton of lame excuses, but really, they aren't excuses! I have been busy - am behind on my class for my Master's, haven't started my Access class yet, and have pictures from a baby shoot I haven't even proofed (sorry Jen!!). But, today is a snow day so I have grand intentions on writing my two reflection papers (one due today and one due tomorrow), meeting my mom and niece for lunch, and catching up on laundry that seemed to pile up overnight!

The boys went sledding with Matt Monday night - it was cold, but they both had a blast!

Easton laughed the entire way down!!

Here is one of the "un-proofed" pictures of baby Lincoln in his daddy's arm - he is such a sweet baby!
And, my baby turned "4" on Sunday - where did that time go???? It seems like just yesterday I was cuddling with him and enjoying every minute of having another baby in the house.
(And, no, that is not a six-fingered hand on his cake - I am no cake decorator, and that was my awful attempt at flames. Easton kept telling me it was his favorite cake, so that's all that matters!)

So, there is the last week in review...I hope to update more frequently so Kayla doesn't keep leaving me nasty comments!! Have a great one!