Sunday, April 12, 2009


Since I'm on here, I figured I might as well post pictures from today - yes Kayla, I am updating my blog!!!

Spring Break

We spent the week in Myrtle Beach - I had every intention to blog with pictures and all while we were there...left my camera cord at home, and internet at the condo was awful!  So, quickly scanned my photos for some of our highlights:

Evan loved the trampoline jump at Broadway at the Beach - we tried to get him to do flips, but he couldn't quite figure it out!
Although we only had 2 good weather days, the boys still wandered out into the ocean (I'm sure it was obvious we were tourists!).  Easton found this rock and played with it the entire day on the beach!

Monday night Matt got to choose the restaurant - we ate at Benjamin's Calabash - 170 item buffet!  Loved the hush puppies they served us when we sat down!  Evan ate mostly chicken, but Easton loved the crab legs and shrimp!  He got his $2.95 worth!!  (don't let that price fool you - the adult buffet was $26.95 per person!)
Thanks to Evan, I got to be in a few pictures - this was on our balcony.  As Evan said, "Not much of an ocean view, mom!"

We had a great time...but it's always nice to be home.  Back to work tomorrow!  Only 7 more weeks...I can't believe how fast this school year has gone!