Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Picnic in the Sun

Actually, we had a picnic in the shade on the deck (what little shade we get in the early afternoon!) before playing in the sprinkler!  (Unfortunately, we need a lot more water than the sprinkler to help the brown stuff we call grass!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

DJ Evan-E

There is a new rapper in town!

"DJ Evan-E:  Green Machine"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fishing Anyone??

Tonight was family night - fishing!  (Grandma, many memories from the cottage and my infamous Snoopy pole came back to me tonight!)  Evan has been fishing this past week with the neighbors.  There is a small pond across the street from us at the town park.  It was a perfect beginners fishing hole for Easton.  And even better, every cast resulted in a catch!

Daddy helped cast, but Easton reeled it in each time...

Easton's 1st Fish!!!! (and Grandma, we didn't make him bait the hook OR take the fish off the hook!)
Showing off his second catch:
And the new fishing pro in the family:
The boys had fun...and that's priceless!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

"I got ketchup, I got pickles"

Not sure where Easton learned this (he's never been to a "real" ball game where food is sold in the stands), but he put this on and immediately began to act and talk like a food vendor, telling us he had ketchup, pickles, and candy!
They may look like they love one another, but...!!!
And of course, every time I get the camera out, the boys want to use it (note to self:  it may be time to buy them their own cameras!).  Evan does a really good job (and thanks to him, I actually get to be in photos!) - he even commented after this shot that he may grow up and be a pretty good photographer someday!  A boy after my own heart!!
Then, it's Easton's turn.  The poor boy just holds the camera up and shoots (can't figure out how to close one eye and look through that tiny hole)!  Lucky for him, he has pretty good aim!  I only wish I would have had a camera to take his picture taking photos of us!  What a cutie!!
Hope your weekend is full of fun times at the ballpark, I mean, in the backyard!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Senior Pictures

Tonight was Dylan's first photo shoot (we are headed to the beach next weekend!).  Sorry Jody, I only have 226 photos for you to choose from, not to mention the following pictures that I edited!  
Thanks again for asking me to shoot your pictures - it was a pleasure meeting you, and I wish you the best during your senior year!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I spent the last week in Chicago with my mom at CHA (scrapbook trade show). We had a great time - our friend, Janine, from North Carolina joined us. We saw lots of great new stuff that will hopefully all fit into the new store in November!

We also caught up with our friend, Dawn. She treated us to Buca di Beppos (and by the way, my backside thanks you for the 2 desserts!). We tried to look like the statue... We also ate at P.F. Chang's with Mary Fran, Nicole, and their hubbys. Once again, posing with a statue - I hope there is no resemblance to this one!!
Talked to Heidi Swapp about her adventures in China...she introduced some cool new products as usual!
And of course my favorite, Ali Edwards...(I even took her a Vera bag!!). She did some cool things at the Tim Holtz booth with alcohol inks.
She was kind enough to give us each an autographed copy of her new book! I love her work, and she is the most down-to-earth person I think I have ever met! It's always fun to get new ideas and meet great people in the industry. There is a new paper company, Black Market Paper Society, that had really cool, new designs. And they are the nicest people! Overall, a great time!

Came home to a sick boy - bronchitis. He is doing much better today, though! Matt and the boys had a great time camping last week (something I hate to do!!). The boys went to the Children's Museum with their grandma, too. Every time I would talk to Easton on the phone, he would tell me, "I want to buy a camper."

Taking time this week to relax with the boys. My classes are done, and I am ready to enjoy these last few weeks before school starts again! I can't believe summer break is coming to an end...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Warning: Photo Gallery

None of us rode the Ferris Wheel at the fair!

We had a party at our house on the 4th of July...Sparkler time!

My girlfriend Kirsten and her two daughters met us last Sunday at the zoo...

(thanks, K, I am finally in a photo!!)

And, announcing the new Evan (just got it cut today)...
Easton was afraid he was getting his hair cut like this, too!  Maybe I should have - he would probably stay away from the scissors then!!

The boys relaxing on the back deck...

Fireman's Festival...

(I think Evan would have rather played the games than ride the rides - he did the win the above game of "Whack-a-mole"!)