Sunday, September 21, 2008

The grass is finally green...

...and fall sports are in full swing in the Reed household! Easton hates soccer...would prefer to throw himself on the ground and make the refs stop the game to see if he is hurt. Evan had his first football game (which I missed because I was busy watching Easton throw temper tantrums at his soccer game - and I am his coach).

Evan is #25 (football pictures by Matt)...

Evan plays center (above) and nose-guard.
(that's Evan kicking off...)

Soccer pictures by Grandma...

(Easton is in yellow, farthest on the right - the start of one tantrum)

The weather this weekend was beautiful - mid 80s, sunshine...all will be changing soon! Purdue got a win this weekend, too! Had a senior photo shoot Saturday evening...will have pictures to share soon!

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