Thursday, July 30, 2009


So summer is quickly coming to an end, and I don't have many pictures to show for it! Maybe we haven't done much this summer, but I've enjoyed every minute of it! Just spending time with my boys has been great! They tend to get frustrated with me when I pull out my camera, so it's stayed on the shelf!

So...what have we been doing? Running here and there, playing Wii, and just enjoying being with one another! Baseball finished, the boys took tennis lessons, we saw the new Harry Potter movie, and will be headed to Cinci. in a few weeks for one last weekend before school starts!

Evan's not looking forward to school starting, but Easton sure is! He can't wait to stay at school ALL DAY this year! He's in his last year of preschool, but he loves it - I hope this continues for the next 13 years! He's already career planning...Saturday night was a gorgeous clear sky full of stars. Easton told me he wished the starts were closer to him so he could touch them. I told him he should be an astronaut so he can fly to the stars! Last night, he told me he wants to be an astronaut or a sea monster - quite the comparison, huh? And coming from the kid who has to spray scary monster spray each night before bed??!!! (not sure where to send him for that education...)

Next week is full of last minute things - water park, lake, hair cuts. Maybe I'll have some pictures to share then. But for now, I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!

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Kayla said...

Umm, you forgot to remind me about "Scary Monster Spray". Needless to say, Easton reminded me. I shouldn't be surprised!

Heavens...what would bedtime be without Scary Monster Spray? I told Chris that one...he laughed.