Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quick Update

Today was Evan's last football game (I will post pictures later) - I think we are all glad the season is done: three nights of practice each week and a game on Saturday makes for a tired 8-yr old and a grumpy mom!! Now we move onto basketball!! I don't remember starting sports this young...blows me away how much there is for our kids to be involved in!

Easton will be having surgery on the 22nd - tonsils/adenoids. We are so looking forward to a happy, healthy toddler! He has been such a trooper through all this...he may need some new wrestlers when this is all said and done!

I am suppose to be at a scrapbooking weekend right now, but being the great mom that I am, I got up at 6:30 this morning to drive an hour home to see Evan's last game (I wouldn't have missed it for anything). Now, off to a Bead Retreat, then back to scrapbooking. I will post pictures of my finished projects later - I hope to get more done toady than last night! Dawn couldn't believe I was going to be at 11:30! (By the way - Dawn, I am SO glad you came to scrap with us!! It has been great catching up with you and I hope to stay in touch better!!!)

Well, stay warm today, and GO BOILERS!!!

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Dawn Witt said...

It was great seeing you as well !!! I had a blast !! Thanks so much for inviting me .. You and your Mom are the best! and I promise to stay in touch,. Im really tired tonight,,, I can't figure out why... :-) But I will post some pictures on my blog soon... Christopher says "hi"....