Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update on Easton and football

Monday was Easton's surgery. He ended up having to get his second set of tubes, along with the removal of his adenoids and tonsils. He is doing much better today - you can tell when his pain medicine begins to wear off - he gets mean and cranky! He was such a trooper (had to buy him 2 new wrestlers on the way home!!). The doctor said he has permanent hearing loss in his left ear - we will be getting a hearing test soon. I thought now would be a perfect time to lose the pacifier, but he wants it all the time!

This photo was from last week...

...and this one on Tuesday at lunch - he was hungry, yet didn't feel good and got very upset with me!

Also, Evan is now done with football!! Here are a few pictures from his last game (green team, #25):

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Dawn Witt said...

So glad that things went well and that he is feeling better. Hopefully this is the fix-all for him! Then maybe you can eat a meal without having to try to catch puke in your hand!
Talk to ya soon!