Saturday, February 2, 2008

I'm Here!

Okay, so I haven't held up to my blogging "resolution" for 2008 - I have been so busy this year, especially with school!

I took the pictures at our Winter Ball - here's Kyle with Leslie (our favorite babysitter!!):

We celebrated Easton's "3rd" birthday - all he wanted was an orange cake (thanks, Grandma!!): ...and today, the boys and I built a snowman!

I was in Madison, WI, earlier this week for a careers conference - it was -43 degrees with the wind chill Tuesday night! My boys enjoyed two snow/cold days this week (just 2 more we have to make up in June, now!). This week, I will be going with the freshman class skiing - I've lived in Indiana my entire life and have never skiied! Should be interesting, to say the least!
We have so much going on right now, and it doesn't look to slow down anytime soon! My DECA students are preparing for state (21 students will be competing) in the hopes of qualifying for Nationals...Spring Break is just around the corner (hope to head to Myrtle Beach)...and Evan signed up for Little League today. It's going to be summer before we know it!
Hope you are staying warm!

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