Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl, pictures, and House

Today was a beautiful day! Our snowman is starting to lose pieces of his face, but he's still standing! Watching the Super Bowl, bummed about the commercials (we will be talking about advertisements later this week in Marketing class and not much to share with my class!), so decided to proof some pictures. These were taken last summer when Matt and I visited Nashville. They have one of the largest Farmer's Markets I have ever seen:

...makes me anxious for summer! By this time in Indiana, we are ready for anything besides snow!

Can't wait until the new episode of "House" after the big game - I wish all my favorite shows would come back on the air with new episodes! I have nothing to watch on TiVo!

Looks like my Giants just might pull it off! Go Eli!

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SpeakThroughSilence said...

There's always American Idol and Kyle XY!