Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a busy weekend - I had a photo shoot Saturday (a local dance studio had their recital), and then took family pictures on Sunday. My mom's family (minus my cousin in Wisconsin and her husband) were all in town. We had a cookout with Hillbilly Golf and Corn hole...but the best part was the dodgeball game the little kids started against the "old timers" (which were actually MY cousins - not that old!!!). The little kids finally won - after losing the first 5 games!

Only 5 more days of school! I don't know who is more ready - me or Evan! I have a busy summer planned with taking classes at Ball State for 5 weeks...I will only have 2 classes left until my Master's Degree (YEAH!!!).

The next few weeks will be busy with graduation and open houses to attend!

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