Saturday, July 26, 2008

"I got ketchup, I got pickles"

Not sure where Easton learned this (he's never been to a "real" ball game where food is sold in the stands), but he put this on and immediately began to act and talk like a food vendor, telling us he had ketchup, pickles, and candy!
They may look like they love one another, but...!!!
And of course, every time I get the camera out, the boys want to use it (note to self:  it may be time to buy them their own cameras!).  Evan does a really good job (and thanks to him, I actually get to be in photos!) - he even commented after this shot that he may grow up and be a pretty good photographer someday!  A boy after my own heart!!
Then, it's Easton's turn.  The poor boy just holds the camera up and shoots (can't figure out how to close one eye and look through that tiny hole)!  Lucky for him, he has pretty good aim!  I only wish I would have had a camera to take his picture taking photos of us!  What a cutie!!
Hope your weekend is full of fun times at the ballpark, I mean, in the backyard!

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