Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ban glitter forever!

Anyone who knows me knows I DESPISE GLITTER! It's a mess - it gets everywhere except for where you want it! I won't touch paper with glitter on it, or buy any type of scrapbooking embellishment with glitter (I don't care if they say it doesn't come off - it does!) Sorry if you have ever sent me something with glitter on it - I don't keep it (Matt's granny sent us a Christmas card and just by the sound of the envelope I could tell it had glitter on it...I opened the corner and that was it - good thing she doesn't read my blog!)

So, my dear friend Dawn, who I love dearly, thought it would be funny to send me this:I know it's hard to tell, but the entire border of the card is nothing but glitter. Cute card, though!

Wonder where it went????

Maybe you can't tell from the above's a better look:

That's right...the trash! Dawn, this is going in my "25 days of Christmas" scrapbook under Day 17...and yes, I have been faithful and have taken pictures - they are not in the book yet, but I have been documenting everything!

Also, here is one of the gifts I made over the weekend - hope they don't read my blog!

We are supposed to get quite a bit of snow tonight...maybe a snow day on the last day of school before break - I'm ready!!!

1 comment:

Dawn Witt said...

awwww... come on ya KNOW i luv ya!!
Actually, I got two sets of cards but I sent you the one with glitter--- !!! I'm soooo evil that way! Wish your mom a merry christmas for me would ya? I would have sent her one but I didnt have her address.... at least SHE wouldn't have threw it in the trash!!
Your too funny,...