Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice, Program, and Package

Christmas vacation started a day early for us - no school today! We got hit pretty hard with an ice storm. Easton was happy to stay home with me, and Evan went sledding.

Easton's preschool Christmas program was last night (that's him in the middle with the red plaid shirt). He did such an awesome job - knew all the motions and all the words! He just loves school, and he got to be next to his two friends, Hayden and Caleb.
Dawn must be making up for the glitter card she sent me - look what I got in the mail today!!!!!
I can't wait to use the stamp on some winter scrapbook pages!! Thanks - we definitely need to plan a weekend in Chicago after the new year!!

1 comment:

Dawn Witt said...

Yes I was making up for the glitter card! No, not really... just wanted to send you a little something for Christmas....
Have a great holiday and I hope to see ya soon!!!